Nexusmods and me

Hello and welcome to my own website.

First of all, I’m sorry again for the inconvenience the whole drama caused, but I just couldn’t bear it, what Nexusmods is doing right now. All of my mods hidden and I will wait and see what happens over there.

As I love the modding community and all of the people who use my work, I created this website. All mods I created can be found here. This site is still a work in progress but here you should find the most important stuff from my work and everything related to it.

Have fun!


  • Mateus

    Please put the mod configurable artillery on your site, I can’t find anywhere to download

  • Gold172

    Thank you for making your mods available.

  • PedalPen

    Yooooo my balls fell off

  • MateusG

    Thanks a lot for still keeping your mods accessible in spite of all the shit that’s goin on.

  • Zero

    Just wanted to give my thanks for not pulling your mods and offering an alternative. I find your mods essential for my playthroughs. You do amazing work.

  • KillingTime

    Thank You for doing this, very much appreciated.

  • Putinizer

    I love your work and am thankful that you are still willing to share it with us m8


  • wew

    Always liked your mods, keep it up. can’t wait to use them again with sim settlements modlist

  • Zer000

    A massive thanks for your awesome mods and most of all for all the work tied to it. They all have very high quality standards and im having a blast with them. I cant thank you enough for contributing to make my sick leave pleasant.

    Kind regards,

    Zer000 from Germoney

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