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Hello friends of the commonwealth!

If you are looking for general help or help with mod incompatibilities, patches, questions around my mods or even other mods. You can also share some stories of your adventure. Share some images or videos!

Feel free to join my Discord server!

Still not convinced? We have a server-bot called Mod-Bot. Mod-Bot was developed by me and he helps you to find patches for Better Locational Damage. (I will also expand on this bot in the future.) You can type into the chat ?patch https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3815 and he will look through the channels #patches and #paches-community if any patch is available for your mod.

You can also submit your own patches for other users, it’s very simple!

  1. zip-file that contains the .esp / .esl
  2. add in the comment field of the file, a link to the mod.

Mod updates, unreleased mods, information and more

First of all, my mods will always be available and not be deleted. If they should get removed on Nexus Mods. You will find them here. Due to the recent changes Nexus Mods made, I decided to start this website and upload here. You will find here new mods(also early versions) and updates to existing ones. They will always be released on my website first and after a period of time, they will also be uploaded to Nexus Mods. I will also work on creating more content for this website like troubleshooting, information on improving your performance and common issues, etc.

Thanks again to all the people who support me and use my mods!

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