Happy new year!

2021 is now the past and the new year has arrived! I hope you all are doing well.

I have been very busy the last months and didn’t have much time for modding, but I still managed to bring out several updates for several mods to fix issues.

The next months will look much better and I’m also working on new stuff. My upcoming mod Ammo System is also still in development and not ready for a Nexus release.(early version is available here). Before a Nexus Mods release, I want to try to create a ammo wheel, so that it’s easier to select an other ammo type.

I also still have an update for SCM, which has not been published yet, as want to add more before release. A new feature will be, to disable hardcore features(Eat, Sleep etc.) in Survival difficulty. This means if you only want ammo weight, but no other Survival features, you can disable them completely!

Another new mod, I’m working on is Better Legendaries, yeah, I know. Not a very creative name.

What does Better Legendaries do?

  • Overhauls existing legendary effects and add new ones.
  • Reduced damage taken from humans, ghouls etc has been removed and replaced with a general damage reduction.
  • Added new stat increases, strength, agility etc.
  • Disable legendary mutations (When enemies begin to glow and get their health back)
  • Disable legendary weapon drops (They are currently not overhauled, but you can disable them, if you don’t enjoy them or find them too powerful for your modlist)

This and more is coming 2022. Have a great year!




  • monkii

    С новым годом!
    Очень хорошие новости!
    А не мог бы ты сделать бой с Легендарными врагами БОЛЕЕ ИНТЕРЕСНЫМ?
    У меня не так много идей, но если бы ты заменил лечение на агрессию, чтобы, к примеру, Легендарный Райдер сошёл с ума и побежал бы на игрока с ближним оружием, было бы очень круто! Просто мысль.

    • Hello,

      yes, I’m already thinking about improving legendary enemies. Making them more dangerous/harder to kill, without giving them “unnatural” powers like mutations do. I’m not a fan of such a thing. I always try to keep it “realistic”. I love the unnatural world of Fallout, but I think, there are some things, that don’t feel right for that universe and I think, Bethesda added them, to make the game more fun/give the player a challenge.

      • monkii

        Как на счёт того, чтобы сделать КАЖДОЕ светящееся существо легендарным?

  • Emiral

    Hi Zzyxzz

    My issue with Legendary drops is two-fold. First, monsters and animals should not have them. And I don’t mind races having them, as long as they are items they’d use, and they are actually using them. Too often I’ll kill a legendary synth that has a legendary pipe rifle or piece or raider armor, in addition to their normal inventory. Shouldn’t the legendary drop be something they’d actually have, and be using it when fighting?

    • That’s a fair point. The original system by Bethesda is very easy made. They ignore everything and just drop the items. I will look into it and what I can change to make it better/more realistic.

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