Good news everyone!

Hello, it has been some time, since I wrote something here. A lot of things changed in my life.

Modding and me, what has been happening?

The last months I have been helping and updating some of my mods to fix some bugs. Yes, there are still some unreleased mods, which I’m still secretly working on. I’m also still learning a lot to create f4se-plugins for my mods and yesterday/today, I got a great achievement. I finally fixed Hunter of the Commonwealth. I managed to create a f4se-plugin, which gets rid of the great incompatibility issue, many people have been facing. It bugged me a lot. You can now examine your target through the f4se plugin, instead of the Bethesda activate implementation with a perk.

Although Hunter of the Commonwealth is not that popular as I hoped, it’s still one of my favorite mods I created. It is still a lot of fun to tinker on that mod and improve it.

What’s next?

Better Locational Damage is getting a new update, which I’m preparing in the background. I’m currently experimenting with visual effects when you get hit.


There will also be some balance changes to the body parts. In general, the damage to arms has been reduced and some minor changes to other body parts.

I’m also still working on Ammo System. But I’m still unsure about a release.

I want to give a shout out to Point Lookout Mod. It’s a great mod and I also created patch for it, which you can find on my Discord.

I also want to say thanks for all the support I get. Thanks for downloading and using my mods. A special thank goes to my Patreon supporters!

If you have any ideas, criticism, suggestions, feel free to message me on Nexusmods, Discord or write a comment here.



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