Ammo System

What is Ammo System?

Ammo System adds new ammo types to the game. Armor Penetration and Hollow Point. You can switch the ammo types with a button in MCM. Ammo System comes also with a new Interface widget near your ammo count and displays, what type of bullet is currently loaded. NPCs will also use the new system. (Companions/Essential/Protected NPCs are excluded for now.)

How does it work?

Ammo System has a dynamic system, which replaces ammo and modifies NPCs on the fly. There is no need for patches or similar to make the mod work. Patches are only required, if you are using a mod, that adds new ammo types.


There are many settings for you to configure. You can configure each ammo type with MCM. Basic ammo types, like 10mm counts as FMJ (within the mod referred as basic)

  • General damage increase/decrease.
  • General armor penetration increase/decrease
  • Damage increase/decrease, when a bullet hits a inappropriate target. (HP bullet hits a robot)
  • Armor penetration increase/decrease, when a bullet hits a inappropriate target. (HP bullet hits a robot)
  • Armor Threshold(X Damage Resistance), for example, when a HP bullet is no longer effective against a target with DR higher than X (This only affects Humans and non-Feral Ghouls)


With new ammo types, you must be able to find them. To make this easy to use, this mod features an injection for containers and vendors.

This are the settings that are available for you. Those come already pre-configured, but feel free to experiment on your own.

Want to switch the ammo type? Configure a key with MCM!

Where to find the new ammo types?

The new ammo types can be injected into your game with MCM. You can select the amount between normal or less. Normal will be similar to vanilla. Less will be about 2/3. After you injected them, you can find them at vendors

Far Harbor
Game version: 1.10.130+
F4SE: 0.6.16+


Choose only one BLD Patch. If you use the 9mm mod, you need the 9mm patch AND the BLD 9mm patch