Ammo System – Changelog

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Please keep in mind, this mod is still under development and not officially released.

Version 1.2

  • Added two new Interface widgets that keep track of your ammo count for other ammo types you have.
  • The two widgets can be configured with MCM. Positioning and Size.
  • Widget settings are saved with MCM and are persistent to new games. (don’t need to be reconfigured every new game.)

Version 1.1

  • Added a Menu to select the ammo of your choice (Keybind option can be found in MCM)
  • Added consumable items, which you can craft at the Chemstation under Utility.
    • Change Ammo with Menu
    • Change Ammo with Swap
  • Known issues: You can open the menu at any time, even when you don’t other ammo types to switch.

Version 1.0c

  • Fixed a class issue in the interface file

Version 1.0b

  • Fixed an issue with FMJ getting a 0.25 damage reduction, due to an oversight.