Better Legendaries

What is Better Legendaries?

The main module of this mod, features a MCM, with various settings.

Main Features

No loot drop fix (Enable/Disable)
Do you know this situation? You fight hard against a legendary enemy. You waste almost everything you have to kill that legendary glowing Radroach. And then, the final moment. The final shot. It’s dead. You scream. You are happy. You are sad. The pain, it’s over. Victorious with a smile in your face you are going to loot the s* out of this Radroach. You want your legendary item. But then… no loot. No legendary item. It was all a lie or at least betrayed by Bethesdas shitty legendary system. Again.

This mod fixes it, if you want to enable this option.

Blacklist (Enable/Disable)
Do you know that one really bad legendary effect, that not even a mother can love? Yes? Then get rid of it! Blacklist is a new feature which you can use to customize the legendary effects, which can drop. 

In the example above, you can see, that there is a new FormList called BL_Blacklist_Legendary_Effects. You can add unwanted legendary OMODs to this list and switch on the setting in MCM and the game will ignore those.

Legendary mutations (Enable/Disable)
I love Fallout 4, I really do. But legendary mutations? No, not really. You are also not a fan of them? Great it’s your lucky day! You can now disable them!

Legendary drops and Animals/Creatures/Robots/Synths (Enable/Disable)
Have you ever asked yourself, how and/or where did this Molerat carry this huge combat armor? Maybe you don’t want to know this, but for the future you never have to worry about that again, because you can simply disable those drops.

Legendary weapon drops (Enable/Disable)
I’m not a huge fan of weapon legendary effects. Most of the time they completely useless. Some of them are completely overpowered. That’s why I added this option to disable them. Armor drops are much more exciting than weapon drops.

Optional modules

Better Legendaries Overhaul

-Reduces the value multiplier of many legendaries, which could led to inflation.
-Improved description

Better Legendaries – Expanded

(can be injected with MCM)


New effect


Fighter’s +1 StrengthStats
Soldier’s+2 StrengthStats
Scavenger’s +1 EnduranceStats
Survivalist’s +2 EnduranceStats
Engineer’s +1 IntelligenceStats
Scientist’s +2 IntelligenceStats
Fortunate +1 LuckStats
Noble+1 CharismaStats
Gentleman’s +2 CharismaStats
Agile+1 AgilityStats
Nimble+2 AgilityStats
Scout’s +1 PerceptionStats
Spy’s+2 PerceptionStats
Ballistic Reduces damage from ballistic weapons by 15%Reductions
MirroringReduces damage from energy weapons by 15%Reductions
HardenedReduces damage from melee weapons by 15%Reductions
Forged+10 Fire resistanceResistances
Fire-Forged+25 Fire resistanceResistances
Stuffed+10 Cryo resistanceResistances
Cryo-Forged+25 Cryo resistanceResistances
Insulated+10 Electrical resistanceResistances
Shielded+25 Electrical resistanceResistances
Leaded+10 Rad resistanceResistances
Lead shielded+25 Rad resistanceResistances
Purified+10 Poison resistanceResistances
Reinforced +25% increased damage resistanceResistances
Reflective +25% increased energy resistanceResistances
Sprinter’s +2% movement speed. 50% reduced damage, energy resistance and weightUtility
Assassin‘sReduces detection from moving, reduces weight by 50% and increases movement speed by +4%. Increases Action Point refresh speed.Utility

Game version: 1.10.130+
F4SE: 0.6.16+