Better Locational Damage – Changelog

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Version 7.2.1

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Bug fixes
      • Added a missing script.

Version 7.2

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed an issue, that caused NPCs sometimes not to reward EXP.
    • Balance
      • Rebalanced several NPCs bodyparts

Version 7.1.1

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed armor penetration settings not getting applied correctly.
    • Added support with keywords for new Races/NPCs added by other mods, to make them compatible with BLD. Simply add one of those keywords to the new race. Those are required for headshots and other features.
      • BLD_KW_RaceLow [KYWD:010165DA]
      • BLD_KW_RaceMedium [KYWD:010165DB]
      • BLD_KW_RaceHigh [KYWD:010165DC]

Version 7.1

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Added new feature called Head Destruction
      • Works similar to normal headshot, but you have to reduce the head health to 0.
      • You can for example shoot off the head of a super mutant with 10mm bullets.
      • Only works for existing races that can be affected by headshots (Behemoths, Deathclaws etc. are excluded)
    • The old headshot feature is now called “Deadly Headshots“.
    • You can use Deadly Headshots in combination with Head Destruction or only use of them.
    • Headshots can still be disabled completely, if you dont like that feature.
    • Adjusted the health value for several enemies heads.
    • Improved script performance
  • MCM
    • Reworked the main page and added new buttons for the new feature.

Version 7.0.5

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Bug fixes
      • Reversed a bug introduced with 7.0.1 for .308 and .50 weapons, that could prevent them from dealing lethal headshots.
    • Body Parts
      • Rebalanced several races, including human, super mutants, radstag, bugs. They are now more inline with each other. For example humans chest multiplier got slighty reduced(reduced damage taken) and supermutants got upped.
    • MCM
      • Fixed a typo
    • Weapons
      • Increased damage for Assaultron Claw and Blade weapons
  • Automatron
    • Weapons
      • Carried over some changes to Assaultron from the base game. (Keyword)
      • Changed damage types from some cryo and fire weapons to cryo and fire (Bethesda sets them all to energy originally.)
      • Increased damage for Assaultron Claw and Blade weapons

Version 7.0.1

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Removed ammo changes and moved them to the BLD – Leveled Lists- DLC ESP
    • Armor Penetration Settings
      • Added setting for Explosive Weapons (Missile Launcher, Fatman)

Version 7.0

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an exception that could cause some message spam in papyrus log (not harmful)
    • Typo in Better Perks Enhanced
  • AI-System [New] (can be disabled with MCM)
    • Basic AI-System
      Depending on the weapon they have, they will choose a random combat style. The combat style will determine if they charge at you, keep their distance, search cover or how aggressive they are.
    • Chem AI-System
      Similar to the ‘Basic AI-System’, when NPCs use a chem, they will change their combat style, depending on the chem type they took.
    • NPCs retreat when wounded (Can be configured with MCM)
  • Armor Penetration Settings
    • Added general settings for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun (only affects ballistic weapons)
      (Those settings are multiplicative. Armor*AmmoType => Armor*WeaponType )

Version 6.7

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed typo in Better Perks – Enhanced
    • Added missing script for bandages
  • Weapons
    • Added new armor penetration system (You need to restart the BLD – System with MCM or Holotape)
      • New/custom ammo types need to be added. (Vanilla+DLC is supported)
        • You can add them with with MCM
        • Create a patch (ESP)
          • You find the FormList under BLD_FL_AP_Ammo_XX
    • Gauss Rifle
      • Increased Damage
      • Can headshot High Races
      • Lowered effective Range(High damage at close/short range – medium damage at medium/long range)