On this mod page you can also find the xEdit-Patchers for my mod Better Locational Damage.
A weapon patcher, where you can easily patch many weapon on the nexus with some simple clicks.
A NPC patcher, which is for mods, that add or modify NPCs. Quest mods and other related mods.

How to use the Weapon-Patcher

As pictures say more than words, here is an example of the Mosin and how to apply the patcher:

1. Select all receivers (You can also select everything, that doesnt matter.)
2. Right click and press Apply Script
3. Search for the BLD-Patcher script and press ok

4. As you see, this mod sticks to the vanilla naming and is perfect to be patched.
(Name Patcher is always selected first and should be used.) 
If a mod does not use Bethesdas naming convention, you can try the keyword patcher.

5. Hit ok and the script will apply. You’ll notice that, that the text is now bold black.

6. OMods are now done, now we move to the weapon itself.
7. Select the weapon, right click, Apply Script. Select again the BLD-Patcher.
8. The same window will now appear and ask which method you prefer to patch. You can ignore this, it will have no effect on the weapon. The settings in the middle will affect the weapon. Reload Speed, Attack Speed, Out of Range Mult and select the suitable hit effect type. For shotguns for example you should select “Explode only”. If you are patching a laser weapon, you should select “Dismember only” etc.

9. The patcher will now give you a notice, that he has found the weapon as a ballistic weapon and patched it. If a mod author, forgets to add the Ballistic Keyword, it will not be patched.
This patcher does only support ballistic weapons, for now. Its in a very early stage, but it works quite well.

Helper functions can be used for OMODs to mass manipulate them. For further questions, visit my discord.